A Rebar Detailing company to a global 3D BIM technology provider

1998 to 2019


RGS Launches RGS REBAR 2D -  Global Version,  in Economical CAD Platform – August 2018


RGS understands the different needs of its different customers. For certain markets the economical CAD platform matters a lot. On August 15th 2019, RGS launched RGS REBAR that works on ZWCAD. The tools and options provided here works and performs in the same way as how RGS REBAR performs in the AutoCAD Platform . RGS believes that this will help thousands of Small and Medium Rebar Detailing companies access a High Quality Rebar Detailing Software in economical CAD Platform.

RGS continues its research and development in the 2D Rebar detailing and it promises to deliver more value for its Global customers continuously.

We are working to Release RGS REBAR in BricsCAD  Next.

RGS Opens Regional Engineering Office, North East at Allentown , PA - June 2019

RGS USA LLC opened its first regional engineering office in Allentown PA. This office is going to handle projects predominantly from Washington D.C and New York markets.

Kristopher Eichman, an experienced project manager takes care of projects and participates in client meetings. Nikita Vijay Kumar handles service compliance and meets customers frequently for service feedback and bridging gaps if any.


RGS is introducing the next level of rebar detailing to concrete contractors, that facilitates a new workflow based on 2D placing drawings with its corresponding 3D models in a free VISKAR® PROJECT VIEWER for all the project stake holders. Engineers would be able to view 2D drawings and 3D models simultaneously and approve the drawings. Rebar fabricators can access the bar list and understand construction schedules online. The ironworkers at the site can view 2D drawings and 3D models in a tablet PC and understand the structure without and doubts, missing information or ambiguity. 3D model-assisted Rebar placing will reduce placing errors and the associated reworking costs. This service is expected to improve the overall rebar efficiencies at least by 10%.


Why we launched SaaS (software as a service) model of RGS Rebar – August 2018


Rebar industry is growing, and the world needs an affordable engineering solution. We have great products and hence decided to adopt the most efficient and cost-effective way of reaching the Global market.We are able to cut lot of cost, associated with Business travels , establishing front office etc because of the SaaS model that's adopted in other industries. This allows us to price our products with an affordable monthly or yearly subscription.

Our products are elegant but economical. Free trials are available with supporting self-learning videos and complimentary demos over internet.We have a 24X7 customer support Team in place and can be reached using a live chat option embedded in our products. You can reach us from our software.

August 15th 2018 – RGS REBAR 2D Rebar detailing software for AutoCAD was launched in SaaS model for a 75USD/month subscription. A self learning documentation and videos published online.

Softekk U.K, Investing in our company - May 2018


Softekk U.K is impressed with our technology and our Business plan to approach the Global markets. They have signed an agreement in May 2018, to Invest (Undisclosed amount) in our company. This money will be used on gearing up our infrastructure and manpower to complete and then market our software products through a SaaS model.


Launch of the first version of VISKAR BIM software - 2016


In the year 2016, released the first version of its flag ship 3d Concrete modelling & Rebar detailing product VISKAR BIM. The product is specifically developed for providing a practically implementable construction BIM solution for the complicated reinforced concrete structures.

Viskar Bim out beats any other prevailing products in the market place due to its approach for Rebar detailing. It provides an easy to use 3D modelling environment and a Generic approach for virtually placing rebar over the concrete structure. The fitting and clash issues are revealed in 3D and hence can be fixed in the modelling stage. In this approach a detailer thinks like a Rebar placer and hence when he completes modelling, the outcome is a “Constructible Rebar Detailing”. Please note that, Rebar is automatically detailed with minimum modelling instructions.

CMC REBAR – The North American corporate Rebar fabricator buys VISKAR BIM licenses - 2016

CMC REBAR , the leading North American Rebar fabricator purchased 100 licenses of VISKAR BIM only because of the superior technology it provides for REBAR DETAILING. The product was applied on Real time projects advantage and issues were listed and we are working continuously for improving the user experience and finetuning the product to suit to the Global industry requirements.

From October 2017, Profius Ltd, a U.K based Global Rebar consultancy headed by a British civil engineer Mr.Dave Vout, having 35 years of experience and having a reputation in the global Rebar Detailing Industry started using VISKAR BIM. He and his team are doing live 3D modelling and detailing projects and are rapidly expanding.

What CMC said about VISKAR BIM?

"VISKAR was developed by rebar specialists specifically for rebar. Their Surface Recognition Technology is truly amazing. The learning curve is fast, the commands are simple and the software does the calculations."

Mr. Richard Glaser, Director Fabrication Sales, East Region, Commercial Metals Company, U.S.A.


Developing VISKAR BIM – A 3D modeling software - 2010


In the year 2010, we started our journey towards developing a 3D modelling solution for the Reinforced concrete Industry. Our firm view is that, a 3D modelling solution alone can give a overall comprehensive lean construction management solution for the Reinforced concrete construction. There are many reasons for that and the subject can be dealt in a separate white paper.


RGS REBAR -Sales started in 2009 in India


From 2009 we started selling this software in India, since we observed high Rebar wastage levels in India.The first client is Larson and Toubro, followed by B.L.Kashyap, Nuclear power plant of India (NPCIL) , Leighton India, Kumar Properties and the list grew. The software is now used by more than 100 companies in India, and few more in U.K middle East, Thailand etc.

Rebar Shop software – Fabrication management solution - 2009


Based on an intention to save Rebar wastage, we started developing an advanced Rebar Fabrication management software REBAR SHOP. India's largest construction company Larson Toubro has implemented our Rebar shop solution in all their Rebar fabrication plants . RGS SHOP is used in more than 30 Rebar fabrication shops .Any New Rebar fabrication shop is opened in India, the RFQ will come to us, because our clients tell our product is the best.


Development of RGS REBAR 2D - 2003


We used a couple of available Rebar detailing software and we realised that they lack a lot and can not cope up to our aggressive performance and cost saving plans for our clients. In order to provide high quality in Rebar detailing and meet the stringent construction schedule, we started developing our own software for Rebar detailing in the year 2003  and the result is RGS REBAR , the state of the art 2D Rebar detailing software that works on AutoCAD platform.

RGS rebar is used for detailing thousands of projects across the world. Because of our international detailing need, our software evolved for customizing multiple country codes. All our large global projects enriched a lot of practical experience to our RGS REBAR software.


Rebar detailing on large global construction projects – 1998 onwards


We are a 20 year old International detailing and software development company. We worked on many Rebar and structural steel detailing projects directly with Contractors and fabricators in several markets including North America, U.K, Middle east, India, Singapore etc.

Our experience ranges from detailing Residential Buildings, commercial structures, treatment plants, airports, stadium, nuclear structures, segmented bridges, Dams and almost every type you could name.

We also directly worked “on-site” in several large construction projects. In India with Larson & Toubro on projects like Kakrapara Nuclear power plant, Srinagar Hydroelectric power project across River Alakananda in Uttarakhand, Himalayas, Hyderabad Metro Rail project etc. We were also involved as a Rebar detailing consultancy on many large International projects. To name a few projects, Auto Mall in Motor city , Dubai for NASA multiplex, JAFZA foot court in Jebel Ali Free zone for AL Habtoor,401 Massachusetts avenue , Washington D.C for CMC/Miller & Long, Tuscon Airport , Arizona, Edenborough convention centre for Robert Mc alpine, U.K etc.

We learnt how to make our clients make profits through our service


In these large projects ,we had hands on exposure on Overall Rebar management, apart from practical construction-oriented Rebar detailing and typical British style, American style Rebar placing drawing presentations. We have realised how the Rebar could be saved and how companies could make profits through value added solution for detailing, estimating, procuring, cutting & Bending using CNC machines and proper installing with the help of a detailed placing drawing.