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Developed to meet the challenging quality requirements of large sized projects projects with frequent frequent revisions revisions and fast around time. Hundreds of projects from different countries across North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia are detailed using RGS-REBAR. RGS-REBAR is simple, user friendly, and more productive detailing software. RGS-REBAR supports both Imperial and Metric detailing of many International detailing codes like ACI (U.S),B.S (British), IS(Indian)etc.

Automatically Generate Bar Bending Schedule (BBS), Placing List, CNC Bar List and Other Reports

1) BBS selection & Placing method
2) Select Bars, Fence Bars, Filter Bars
3) Paper size, Boundary, Number of Rows
4) Updating BBS
  a) Update BBS
  b) Auto Update
5) Untakeoff
  a) Control code based

-Automatically generate Bar Bending Schedule (BBS), Placing List, CNC Bar List and other reports-

Draw Reinforcement in Five Ways

1) Enter leg values of the Bend shapes in the Rebar entry screen.
2) Choose the required Bend shape and draw in AutoCAD with automatic shape validation technology.
3) Use our unique “Automatic Bend shape recognition technology” and just draw any shape like a p-line and the
Bend shapes are identified.
4) Convert already drawn P-lines as Rebar bend shapes.

-Draw Reinforcement-

Automatic Special Bend Creation

1) Rebar follows the shape of the concrete and hence the Rebar shapes can never be limited to the standard shapes defined in the Code.
2) In RGS-REBAR a special bend definition is very simple but very powerful.
3) If RGS-REBAR is unable to identify a drawn shape in the database, it creates the shape automatically and defines the following in the database.
  a) Side, Left, right, Plan and sectional, profile views
  b) Theoretical and cut-length formula
  c) Proper leg and shape validations with proper error messages
  d) “Guiding Shape” slides for creating the bend through the Rebar entry screen
4) The special bend defined can be copied, mirrored or stretched just like any other standard bend.
5) The special bend definition can be shared and reused.
6) Our production software “RGS REBAR SHOP” also accepts the special bends defined and uses it for fabrication.
Low let us see how the special Bends are defined.

-Automatic Special Bend Creation-

Draw Range

RGS-REBAR provides many Range options to calculate the Rebar quantity. The user can click any Bar and enter the Spacing and the start and end of the range with appropriate covers. The quantity is automatically calculated.

Single Range - Normal
One bar - One pitch (Spacing)
Alternate Bar – Double pitch (Spacing)
Multiple Bar – Multiple Pitch (Spacing)

Single Range - Sloped
One bar -One pitch (Spacing)
Alternate Bar –Double pitch (Spacing)
Multiple Bar – Multiple Pitch (Spacing)

Radial Range
One bar -One pitch (Spacing)
Alternate Bar-Double pitch (Spacing)
Multiple Bar-Multiple Pitch (Spacing)

Multiple Range
One bar -One pitch (Spacing)

-Draw Range-

Please note that the user can customize the format of these reports.

Flexi View Port Manager

1) The Placing drawing speaks the quality of work. Presenting the drawing with proper scales is not an easy job. But it is made very much easier with our “Flexi view port manager”.
  a) Paper space based
  b) Paper space based
  c) Synchronized view ports between paper space and model space
  d) Scale can be changed many number of times and all the scaleable Rebar objects are resized automatically to suit the current scale selected.

-Flexi View Port Manager-

Incorporate Revisions / Engineer Comment Faster

1) In these days of faster construction practices, the revisions are the order of the day. A detailer must be equipped with proper tools to incorporate revisions faster.
  a) Match Properties
  b) Copy / Paste
  c) Stretch(Both Bar & Range can be stretched with the simple ACAD command)
  d) Transpose
  e) Split Range
  f) Re-Assign Bar Mark with retain bend mark option set
  g) Re-Assign Bar Mark
  h) Combine Range
  i) Re-Assign Alpha Code
  j) Automatic Revision Clouding

-Incorporate Revisions / Engineer Comment Faster-

Quality Control Features

1) RGS-REBAR understands the importance of a quality detailing and hence a continuous Research is being made on error proofing. There will be additional features on every release to bring down the error rates.
2) RGS-REBAR has the following features that Controls the quality of the detailing.
  a) Bar properties standardization
  b) Steel Grade, Bar size and bend shape are standardized as per code
3) RGS-REBAR has the following features that Controls the quality of the detailing.
  a) Detailing code compliance
  b) The Hook Values, Bending Pin Diameter, Total length calculation etc are as per Code.
4) Controlling lengths can be defined as per Industry practice and can be saved with a password and reused.
  a) Minimum length
  b) Truck width
  c) Multiple stock lengths
  d) Roundups
Let us see some of the quality control videos below

Audit Drawing

1) The auditing feature of RGS-REBAR is very useful. The following checking can be made against the drawing automatically and the errors are notified and shown on different colors.
  a) Bars without Callout, Quantity or Bar mark
  b) Callout without Bars, Callout placed away from the bar
  c) Views without Bars
  d) Check the maximum length, validity of Bar mark
  e) Check and automatically Repair database

-Audit Drawing-

Controlling Bend Shape and Place Elevation

1) Controlling Bend shape.
  a) RGS REBAR has automatic shape validation. Please watch this to see how the detailer tries to deviate while drawing the bend shape and how RGS-REBAR automatically corrects it.
2) Bar, View, Callout, Label etc are synchronized
  a) Any length is modified in one view, all other views are automatically updated
3) Profile View to check congestion in junctions – “Picture of a Column Beam junction.”
4) Place Elevation
  a) This feature is deigned to control many instances where the Elevation marks are correct but the actual height is wrong. So the detail looks correct but actually is wrong. Please watch this video to see how the Place elevation option is used to control these errors.

-Controlling Bend shape and Place Elevation-

Automation in Element Mark

1) Automatic counting of concrete elements
  a) This feature is designed to control the issues involving counting and preparing the Takeoff (Barlists for CNC machines), when the same detail is used in many places. For example, if there are three pile caps used in multiple locations, there are two practical issues,
    i) Counting the number of places
    ii) Preparing a partial Takeoff for CNC only on selected locations
  b) RGS-REBAR allows the user to create element marks and associate the Rebars to it. The element mark can be inserted in a place and can be copied to multiple locations. The number of places is automatically counted based on the element marks placed.
  c) RGS-REBAR allows to takeoff for selected Concrete elements also. This relieves the user of the tedious and the error prone methods of Takeoff preparation.

-Automation in element mark-

Auto Detailer Reusable “Smart Details Library”

1) Rebars of Concrete elements, detailed in Plan, Elevation and sectional views placed near each other are called “Details”.
2) ”Details” can be created for even for a square or rectangular opening with additional bars detailed.
3) These details can be reused by directly inserting in a drawing and any modifications can be done.
4) This practice increases the detailing production.
5) RGS REBAR comes with pre-defined detail libraries
6) Users can also create details and add to detail libraries to standardize
7) Please click to see how to detail a rectangular wall footing using the “Smart Details Library”

Creating a Details Library

1) Details can be created for any concrete element with details.
2) It is a common practice to create details for the following elements and reuse them.
  a) Isolated footings/Pile caps
  b) Wall footings, combined footings
  c) Pier, Piles, columns
  d) Openings of any shape
  e) Walls
  f) Staircases
  g) Plain Concrete profiles and frequently used symbols

Auto Detailer Rebar Spread - The Ultimate Auto Detailer

1) Slabs (Two way, one way, Flat, Mat) are time consuming to detail.
2) It will take more time to there are complications like
  a) Varying edges, openings, specific splicing locations
  b) Slab folds with varying slab heights, drop panels etc.
3) Normally it will take few days to detail these
4) REBAR SPREAD is a special “Auto detailer”, that can detail such complicated slabs with few minutes
5) Bend types to be used at openings, ends or at slab folds etc can customized.
6) Varying Bars are grouped based on the maximum number of bars that can be sheared in one stroke in the shear lines.
7) This method provides an optimized solution considering the number of cuts and the additional weight increment due to grouping of bars.

“Rebar Spread” – See how it works

1) Now we have to detail a slab.
  a) The slab edges have linear and non-linear variations.
  b) There are few slab folds and on each of them the slab height is varying.
  c) The engineer has provided the splicing locations.
  d) There are some openings.
  e) There are some drop panels.
2) This slab will take one day to detail by a good detailer. Now let us see how much of time RGS-REBAR takes to detail this.
3) Detailing through Rebar Spread is very fast and many slabs can be completed within few hours.
4) Rebar spread can also effectively detail any element like wall, Pile cap etc. where Rebar needs to be spread and detailed.

-Auto Detailer-