RC-onDemand case study

Why RC-onDemand used RGS Rebar for detailing London Wall Project ?

rc on demand

As a Contract Detailing Organisation RC-OnDemand takes commissions from around the world – Principally UK, Middle East and USA. We needed a replacement for our existing product that while effective,

1. Had not been updated for many years.
2. Major headaches when training - As we grow the business it was becoming increasingly more expensive to maintain and was creating major headaches when training up new staff since product was not intuitive.
3. Complex projects that had specialised bar shapes was also difficult as those had to be programmed specially by the software authors. That had cost and significant time elements added to it.

There are a number of good systems out there which we looked at but RGS REBAR, The 2D detailing software ticked all our boxes:-

1. Flexibility in Scaling Up /Down- Low monthly subscription costs means that growing our business is not sucking up all our profits and as importantly when we need to scale back operations as workload dictates.
2. Experienced software- With 10 years’ worth of development and Usage already under it’s belt – it is not a new product with all the new product gremlins that go along with that.
3. Creating Special Bends in our hands- An up to date environment means that we create our own special bar shapes. Learning curve is kept low.

Detailing London Wall project – UK, using RGS REBAR 2D.

The first project we used the software on was The London Wall Project naturally based in the UK. This project was only started a few short weeks ago but already we are well ahead of the program. The project core walls are slip-formed with traditional reinforcing steel. Starter boxes are utilised for the tie-ins to slabs and beams. Much of the decks are PT. Crucially detailing needs to be right on a slip-form. There is no margin for error. Additionally, how the reinforcement is detailed depends largely on the type of rig being used. RC-OnDemand project manage all our jobs from the UK while detailing is carried out at our Manila office. This means that our projects are engineered with our Client and costs are significantly saved by off-shoring the detailing – ensuring our Clients always get the best of both worlds.

The benefits we found

1. Learning curve on the new software has been nothing short of miraculous.
2. The basic product structure is similar to the other products out there however because it’s a much more modern system AutoCAD’s advanced block and grip technologies are fully functional which means our existing detailing team can fully benefit the later ACAD command structure.
3. Our newer detailers can utilise all the functionality they’ve been taught at university which doesn’t limit them. Perhaps our biggest surprise was the team started to use it immediately with no formal training – just a handful of videos that RGS provide.
4. Further - Our leasing costs per license using RGS 2D REBAR is actually less than the annual maintenance costs of our previous supplier and that hasn’t been significantly updated since 2003.

Andrew Lambert,

Managing Director, RC-onDemand, UK.