A High-quality 3D Concrete / Rebar Detailing Services

Impeccable Quality in Detailing

A new record of 1400+ Tons/ Error is achieved with VISKAR 3D Rebar detailing in 2018, and This translates to fewer interruption for fabrication, construction and reduced cost overrun.

This level of quality was unseen before. This is now achieved due to the modeling of concrete and Rebar, Virtually in 3D. VISKAR understands concrete cover, Rebar layers etc and correctly positions Rebar automatically, simulating a Real-time Rebar placing. The surface recognition Technology in VISKAR BIM automatically details Rebar. Rebar placing drawings and Bar lists are generated automatically from the 3D model.

Basic service - High-Quality 3D Rebar Detailing services

Concrete and Rebar will be modelled in 3D and 2D Rebar Placing drawings, Bar list and accessories list will be generated from the model. Please note that the 3D model will not be provided in this service. If the 3D model is required, then the client has to choose the premium service.

We recommend this service to a Rebar fabricator or anyone who wants a high-quality Rebar Detailing and Placing drawings.

Premium service – A High Quality 3D concrete and Rebar Detailing services

Concrete and Rebar will be modelled in 3D and 2D Rebar Placing drawings, Bar list and accessories list will be generated from the model. Structural steel members (without connections), PT ducts or any other member will also be modelled to check the Fitting of Rebar without any clashes etc.

Client will be provided with a 3D model (VBIM/IFC), Fully Dimensioned drawings for Locating the elements on the field , Concrete volumes and required surface areas etc will be provided. The service will be customised to suit to the Business needs.

We recommend this service to concrete contractors who wants to control their profits by deploying BIM.


Why should you use our service?

3D modelling of Concrete structures with Rebar provides significant value addition to the construction process. The Visibility of a structure in 3D helps identify construction issues, that could reduce project delays and cost overrun.

  • Avoid costly detailing errors that leads to Rebar wastag
  • Avoid costly fixing errors in the site
  • Reduce delays in your construction project
  • Lead a Tension reduced lifestyle
  • Last but not the least - Control Your profits

Our USP is our Detailing process, well defined for the past 20 years

When it comes to detailing, we take things seriously. We have a well-defined Project management system that guides on the detailing work process. Our detailers prepare detailed Project notes and check the project with a complication matrix, even before starting to model. These documents are reviewed by a third person to ensure that all the fine prints and additional details provided in a project are not left unattended.

RFI’s are raised at the earliest to provide time for replying.

We check the concrete model, once it is done for dimensions, elevations, sizes, grade and cover. The Rebar is modeled only on a tested model.

Before dispatching the Rebar placing drawings, we check bar by bar to ensure that everything is okay..

Contact our Technical project managers during your Business hours

We also have full-time Qualified and English-speaking Technical project managers working from India, during the Business hours. They can be reached through a U.S phone number, email or Skype Chat. Any urgent requirements of Bar lists, Revisions or any Technical discussions on the job etc can be had in your regular working hours.

We are accessible from your mobile or laptop. In this Digital world, your company can harness the benefit of Superior quality detailing, at an affordable cost. We are working in huge projects in North America with Top companies and that proves our Reputation.